How to play Everlost?

Use the arrow keys to control the Frog. The green line connected to the Gold Token will follow Frog. Make sure the gold token does not touch any obstacles!

How much can I earn playing Everlost?

Everlost has a fixed $FRGST pay-out mechanism, meaning that if the price will increase, the rewards will increase. At start it might be slightly harder to earn as the $FRGST price has a low floor-price but earning will get much easier overtime! Minimum pay-out value has to be 5$ in $FRGST.

How much $FRGST is burned?

We will burn the same amount of $FRGST as the total points collected in the game.

Why does Everlost burn $SHIB?

Burning $SHIB is making the game more attractive for other memetoken communities. We will not always burn $SHIB, but periodically change the memetoken we burn (e.g. LUNC, LUNAT or FLOKI). Want to burn your token? Reach out to

How do we burn $SHIB and $FRGST?

We collect the weekly report from the game where we will see how much $SHIB/$FRGST tokens were collected, then we will purchase this amount of $SHIB/$FRGST and send it to the burn wallet.

I found a bug, what should I do?

Please join our telegram group

and our team will as soon as possible review and fix bugs.

What if my pay-out transaction fails?

Please join our telegram group

and our team will help you out.